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Update – Weight loss and strength gains!  Been working out for over a year now under Matt’s direction.  He keeps coming up with new ways to push us, getting us to up our game, setting new goals, all the while calmy and carefully monitoring our form, preventing injury and –get this– just being a great guy to hang out with for a couple of hours a week.  My wife takes full advantage of the assisted stretching as part of her cool down and we highly recommend it.  If you’d like to get in the best shape of your life through a multi-faceted, thoughtful, and never boring approach without all the hoopla of a cross-fit yelling fest, set something up with Matt.  We’ve worked out at a bunch of places before and BodyRush is among the best.  


Matt runs an excellent facility and is thoroughly professional when it comes to setting and monitoring client goals and proper form. His approach, though low-key, as compared to many of the current, “fad-heavy” gyms and trainers is obviously careful and meticulous. If you are looking for loud and flashy, look elsewhere. If you’re looking for methodical, tried and true supervision that will help you achieve your fitness goals, BodyRush Fitness is it. My wife and I heartily recommend him, his philosophy, and his business.

Michael & Julie

Clients, Gulfport

Matt is awesome.  He really knows his stuff and takes the time to craft a workout plan that provides maximum results.  Never have worries about incorrect form or doing the wrong thing, as Matt is right there to make sure it’s done right.  Both my wife and I see Matt every week for over six months now, and we have gotten tremendous results and feel very motivated (thanks to Matt’s help) to continue our fitness quest.


St. Petersburg

“I have worked with many trainers the last 20 years, but none of them have achieved the results and body transformation that Matthew has. His motivating and innovative training methods are fun and proven to provide results. My friend tease me about sounding like a commercial, but at 54 I’m finally getting the body I always wanted.”


Age 54, St. Petersburg

“Matt has been my personal trainer for over 3 years and I wouldn’t train with anyone else. Within the first week of training with Matt, I knew I found the right trainer. Matt has a sincere commitment to my personal fitness goals and the results have been amazing. Not only do I feel the best I have in years but receiving compliments from friends and family admiring my body is an added bonus. Matt is more than a trainer…he’s a health advisor, a source of motivation and inspiration, and a friend who genuinely cares about my personal progress. Matt’s motto is “Get it right, get it tight”…and I can assure you, he helps you get it RIGHT! It’s worth every penny spent….Thanks Matt”


Age 32, Pinellas Park

“About 2 years ago I started training with Matt Gardner to help improve my range of motion and add confidence for performing normal daily activities. In 2013 I had bilateral knee replacements (both knees replaced at the same time.) Luckily, the surgery went fine and after a lot of PT and exercising in the pool, my knees were great. Then in November of 2014, I landed on my face after tripping on a concrete curb. The fall caused a lot of strain to my confidence handling routine tasks such as getting out of bed and picking things up from the floor. My body was turning to mush.
In April 2015, as a result of a suggestion from my daughter, we searched for a personal trainer. I had a consultation with Matt a few days later. He was wonderful from the start. We have been training for about 1 year. I feel better, look better, and act younger. My family is very pleased with the new confidence and independence earned.
We use weights and several stretching exercises. Foam rolling on my muscles has a huge impact on my progress. The foam rolling improves my blood flow, flexibility and range of motion. Even my hair is growing faster!
Matt is professional, kind, fun and a perfect gentleman. He encourages me to do my best and gives lots of compliments on progress. Matt has made living easier. Both my internist and orthopedic surgeon have encouraged this training and think the results are positive. My plans are to train with Matt twice a week for years. It’s not the progress that is the important part, it’s the continuing to feel this good.”


Age 74, St. Petersburg

“Matt’s exactly what I was hoping for in a trainer … motivating but not intimidating, encouraging and he tailors the workout specifically for me. And it’s more than just the actual training – we also discuss diet and ways I can get physical activity on the days when I’m not training with him. I’m exhausted yet energized when I leave because it’s always a great workout. As someone who hadn’t worked out in years, I actually look forward to working out now and wish I’d started sooner. He encourages me to do things I didn’t think I could do and I’m able to do it, which is a great feeling! I’ve lost over 200 lbs over the last 3 years. I know I wouldn’t be getting these types of results on my own or by just joining a gym. Training with Matt has made all the difference!”


Age 41, Treasure Island

“I’ve been training with Matt for over a year now and he is an awesome trainer! He is a great motivator for me. On those days when I feel like giving up or skipping the gym, he doesn’t let me, all while keeping me motivated to do better and work harder. He is great at keeping our workouts interesting and fun by changing it up and adding new and different things into the mix. I’ve lost over 20 pounds and am down two sizes thanks to his help! I’ve been able to recommend him to two of my friends who are very happy with him. The most important thing about Matt is that I believe he really cares about his clients and wants them to be healthy! He’s not like other trainers who only care about how much money they can make or how good they look while they are at the gym, Matt really wants us to get healthy, and that’s exactly my goal as well.”


Age 42, St. Petersburg

“I have been training with Matt for a little over 4 years. I began working with a trainer initially to get over a plateau …I didn’t seem to be making any improvements on my own, and my workouts were stale and boring. Meeting with Matt helped motivate me to stay on a regular fitness routine. I started learning new exercises which added variety to my workouts. Matt encourages me to push harder than I would have on my own; at the same time he listens to any concerns I have with the new exercises he introduces. Over that past year, I have experienced improved muscle tone and strength, as well as better coordination and balance.”


Age 42, Treasure Island

“I began training with Matt a little over 15 months ago. It began as an endeavor to improve my conditioning and regain strength, but through Matt’s direction it became so much more. Matt began with great patience and lots of encouragement, but the training relationship grew to accountability, structure, and pushing me even beyond my own expectations. I quickly saw results. I felt better, slept better, it was gradually improving my life. I no longer needed my anti-depressant, my medication for anxiety, or anything to help me sleep. I was prescription free!
Impressed by the results and the love of training, I decided to become a personal trainer. I enrolled in NPTI, National Personal Training Institute, and graduated in June of this year. I’m enjoying a successful and fulfilling career as a personal trainer.
The person I see in the mirror today hardly resembles the person I handed over to Matt 15 short months ago. It was through Matt’s vision and perseverance that I have the success and results I enjoy today. Training with Matt has truly changed my life!”


Age 45, St. Petersburg

“After an illness kept me out of the gym for 3 months, I had lost both muscle tone and motivation. I tried to get back into a routine on my own, but just couldn’t do it. Then I found Matt Gardner, and he turned everything around for me. From our first meeting, Matt has always been highly professional and methodical. He listened carefully to my goals, and then crafted a program to meet me where I was and move me forward. Matt really cares about his clients, and he has used his training techniques to help me get into the best shape I’ve ever been in. I’ve come to believe that money spent on maintaining your health is the smartest money you’ll ever spend. Hiring Matt has been one of the best decisions I’ve made, and I highly recommend him to anyone who’s looking for a first-rate trainer.”


Age 41, St. Petersburg

“When I first met Matt Gardner I was a mess. I was post-op from my second back surgery. I was in a lot of pain, was bent in half and was not walking so well. 8 months with Matt and I am a changed man. I was full of fear that I would re injure my back. Well I did not. With Matt’s guidance and expertise, today I am healthy and my back and body is strong. Not only is Matt an expert trainer, he is my friend as well. Let me tell all of you out there, Matt knows his stuff. It has been quite a journey. Matt Thank you for making me strong and well. You are the best! It has been great watching my transformation.”

Michael C

Age 47, St. Petersburg

“I am extremely pleased with my growing strength and definition. I have worked with other PTs before and I am getting better results with you. I trust your knowledge and experience and appreciate your punctuality and overall professionalism, including your obvious motivation to getting the job done. Nobody works abs the way you do. Our sessions have also motivated me to take control of my diet and to get in more cardio; while strength and size have been our joint priority. For the information of anyone you share this with, I am 5’4″, down to 135 lbs of mostly muscle, 62, and benching 175+. I would be happy to provide further references.”


Age 62, Indian Rocks Beach

“I have a difficult time motivating myself to work out on my own. I stopped working out regularly after having success in losing weight about 4 years ago after having complications with a surgery and have been slowly gaining weight back. In August 2012, I moved to Tampa and decided to get back to the gym.
I had used a trainer in the past and had a lot of success but also much difficulty with my busy schedule. Matt, though, was very flexible and was willing to go where I needed him to fit into my schedule. Besides the flexibility, Matt was very motivating, always knowing when to challenge you and when to encourage you along the way.
When I started working out with Matt, I found his manner very positive, which helps keep me coming back. He is always quick to point out the improvements I have made with each workout. I look forward to my workouts with Matt every time.
Through working out with Matt 2 to 3 times per week, and through being very careful about what I am eating, I lost 97 pounds in about 8 months. Overall I have gone from 392 pounds 7 years ago to 185 – 190 pounds. I have been able to keep the weight off so far the past 3 months. I am also able to see excellent results in muscle development, and am very pleased.”


Age 36, St. Petersburg

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