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Whether you’re on vacation or on the clock, you don’t have to skip your workout.

Check out what your hotel or resort has to offer…

  • Gym – most likely it has everything you need. Treadmill, elliptical, bikes, weights, cable machines, yoga mats, and foam rollers.
  • Classes – sunrise yoga, boot camp, “on demand” studio classes, and workout videos
  • “Running concierges” will show you the local routes.  Hotels now offer running maps so you can get out and explore.
  • At select Starwood Properties you can book a room with a bike or treadmill – talk about convenient.
  • Don’t want to pack your gear? Some hotels deliver workout clothes and shoes right to your room.
  • If your hotel doesn’t have a gym, they typically partner with one nearby – don’t be afraid to ask.

Staying with friends? Join them at the gym or book a session with their personal trainer.  If your friends don’t work out, you can still get a day pass at the local gym.

No equipment needed – get out there!  Be active and burn some calories sight-seeing, hiking, or walking at the park.

There are lots of options – take advantage.  And although traveling workouts can be great – it’s ok to take a break too.  Don’t stress about it, rest days are good for your mind, body and soul!

Enjoy your trip!